Rent a car in Chisinau, Moldova


The price shown on our website include:

  •     Technically-serviceable car
  •     Compulsory insurance Compulsory motor third party liability
  •     The report on the passage of inspection vehicle

Attention! The tariff for car rental and collateral listed on our site may vary depending on many factors:

  •     the age of the driver;
  •     driving experience;
  •     purpose of the trip;
  •     movement zone (the area - region - country, etc.);
  •     higher mileage;
  •     citizenship (with or without surety);
  •     the lease term;
  •     payment and collateral;
  •     the number of leased vehicles;
  •     weekends and holidays, seasonality;
  •     time of acceptance and return of the vehicle;
  •     with or without driver;
  •     smoking, drinking alcohol by passengers in the car, etc .;
  •     speed limit (standard package includes up to 85km / h in town, and up to 125km / h on national roads);
  •     non-standard use of the vehicle (photo shoot, change in appearance, leaving on a fishing trip, a picnic, etc.);
  •     added services, etc.;

Terms of car rental:

  •     the minimum age of the client - from 18 years;
  •     the car is issued with a full tank and must be returned in the same condition (full tank);
  •     issued vehicle pure inside and outside, and must be returned in the same state (neat inside and outside);
  •     at the time of transfer of a vehicle to the customer, the latter is entitled to check the technical condition of the car on our free service station, or any other service station by mutual agreement of the parties and at the expense of the client;
  •    at the end of the contract, at the discretion of the Landlord, the car can be taken only after passing inspection in the service station;
  •     when the vehicle returns falls on a weekend or a holiday, as well as in non-working hours, the conditions for the adoption of a vehicle are specified in advance;
  •     there is a limit on mileage. Standard package includes 250 km / day. Extra mileage is charged separately by arrangement;
  •     all vehicles are insured CTP and have a report on the technical inspection of the passage. CASCO insurance specified in each case separately;

For Moldovan citizens:

  •     civil passport (or passport buletin);
  •     driver's license;

For foreign citizens:

  •     international passport;
  •     driver's license;
  •     surety with the citizenship of Moldova (age 25 - 55 years) by arrangement. In the absence of a co-signer, the company reserves the right to increased deposit for a rental car;

For legal entities:

  •     certificate of registration of the enterprise;
  •     extract (ekstras) State Registration Chamber;
  •     bank details with the actual address of the enterprise;
  •     a power of attorney from the company the right to sign lease agreements and acts of reception and transmission of a vehicle certified by the company seal and signature of the Director General;
  •     passport trustee;
  •     driver's license;

Copies of documents must be certified by the company seal and signature of the Director General.

Ordering and booking:

  •     booking and reservation of cars on our website is free and does not impose any obligation on you;
  •     at the time of treatment to us, you will loose all cars will be offered;
  •     if you want to find a specific car for a certain period, it is required to make a down payment or pay for the entire term of the lease by agreement. After making an advance, you get a confirmation;
  •     meeting at the airport / Railway and bus station takes place after all the approvals and pre-payment for this service;
  •     the Company reserves the right to provide a similar vehicle of the same class;
  •     our driver services are specified in each case;
  •     information about the transfer order as well as on the time for self-referral the office of the company please provide in advance.

Payment method:

  •     Cash
  •     Map
  •     transfer
  •     Translation through the fast money transfer system


  •     driving while alcohol and drug state;
  •     Smoking and drinking alcohol in the passenger compartment (otherwise specified in advance);
  •     speeding over 85 km / hour in the village, and more than 125km / h on the highway (otherwise specified in advance);

We appreciate our customers and loyal approach to each of you. Therefore, we offer fans:

  •     driving fast;
  •     heavy smokers;
  •     Hunting and Fishing;
  •     organizers of outdoor activities;
  •     and other;

negotiated separately and prematurely terms. We will do everything possible in order to find the right vehicle for you correctly. At our disposal are "custom" cars Class "Off Road 4x4" and motor vehicles.
For those wishing to drive, smoke in the car, go to the country and so on, there are certain terms and conditions, which are specified at the start and entered into the contract at the signing!
Final price for the car rental and security deposit established by the contract by mutual consent!

According to statistics, the most violated contract clauses:

  •     driving while alcohol and drug state;
  •     violation of the speed limit;
  •     intentionally - negligent operation of the vehicle;
  •     erroneous notion of the principle - "pay rent rental cars - so do what I want and I for it will be nothing!"
  •     street racing, fast start;
  •     Riding off-road;
  •     towing;
  •     movement in the area which is not provided for the passage of light vehicles (leaving in forest hunting or fishing to the pond, etc.);
  •     the illegal transfer of a vehicle to persons admitted to management;
  •     ignoring traffic rules and traffic police;

Take advantage of our services is not easy, but very simple. Individual approach and specific conditions, allow to take a car almost every law-abiding citizen who has driving skills.
Separately warn criminals trying to steal a car with forged documents. Our security team will not let you do it, but will sit behind bars. Better to play it safe!