Rent a car in Chisinau, Moldova



Why do customers choose car hire from LUXCAR?
- LUXCAR for renting cars in Chisinau, Moldova - adheres to the standards of the world's leading rental companies Rent a car
- hire car are always provided with a full tank and clean inside / outside
- civil liability of the driver when car rental is insured
- all possible risks of the car are insured by the leading insurance company of Moldova
- We offer car rental without intermediaries (ATTENTION - be vigilant)
- Car rental prices are the best and most attractive in Chisinau, Moldova
- The price (car rental) does not change until the end of the contract period
- Provision of "personal" and "sober" driver services
- We guarantee the preservation of confidential information about the participants in the transaction (car rental)
- We conclude a car rental agreement and issue all necessary documents
- LUXCAR rents cars of different classes (Rent a car)